We help work flow. It’s what inspires us.

Our products help work flow for our customers, and our culture helps work flow for our employees. We strive to create an environment where people really want to come to work every day to collaborate, innovate and solve our customers’ problems. We believe in leveraging technology to deliver immediate savings by automating and accelerating business processes.

DATAHOUSE has over 14 years' experience helping organisations unlock value by introducing intelligent process efficiencies. We simplify your business processes using intelligent capture and workflow technology to ensure your organisation is more successful today and in the future.

Our document and records management system will help businesses generate and locate content faster, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and automate workflows that accelerate the path for profit growth.

  • Early-2006

    Year of Registration-TANZANIA.

  • 2006

    First Project- Complain Management System -CHRAGG-TANZANIA.

  • 2010

    First EDMS Project-TCRA-TANZANIA.

  • 2013

    Electronics Document Management and File Tracking Federal Civil Service Commission –NIGERIA.

  • 2015

    First EDMS and RfiD File Tracking System, Ministry of Infrastructure and Information System–BOTSWANA.

  • 2016

    Open Door to Rwandan Market as DATARWANDA.

  • 2018

    First Integrated EDMS with Computerized Movable Shelves-TPDC and NSSF-TANZANIA.

  • 2019

    First EDMS System-Nile Basin-RWANDA.

  • 2019

    Open Door to Ugandan Market as DIGIHOUSE.

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