Datahouse provides Content Management System(CMS) which help you digitize your business processes (Files, contracts, invoices and HR Management Systems).

ELO Enterprise Content Management suite delivers software solutions that help you digitize your document and processes. Electronic information management from ELO gives you a first-class infrastructure for efficient business operations.

Companies need to be able to act quickly to get ahead in today’s business environment. A fast response, fast results, and fast decisions — speed is a key advantage that is ultimately dependent on the availability of the right information. Having access to the data you need at any time is essential for keeping information flowing and ensuring that your processes are efficient and effective. Automating business processes means that documents get to where they are needed in the company, quicker. This allows employees to work smarter and get things approved faster. At the same time, employees are able to view and track every step of every process.

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Document Management

ELO makes for fast processing in the mailroom. There are various options available to you. You determine exactly how much you want to automate depending on your requirements.

Business Process (Workflow)

The ELO workflow automates business processes and lets the system handle certain tasks for you. The tool includes an integrated form designer, server-based processing rules, and options for creating custom scripts, giving you the power to configure automated workflows.


Contract Management

Every business relationship is based on a contract, so it’s all the more important to ensure that transparent and standardized processes are in place. Digital contract files from ELO let you keep track of contract terms and deadlines, so you never miss key information or dates.

HR Management

Digitization is everywhere. In HR departments, the benefits are far-ranging and include faster, more transparent HR processes, and, of course, lower costs. ELO’s digital personnel file and digital candidate management solutions are two essential modules for efficient HR work.

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invoice _management_system

Invoice Management

Invoices are delivered to different departments and business locations across an organization. Employees spend a significant amount of time processing them. Digital invoice management from ELO helps significantly reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of this process.