Scan on Demand Retrieval 98%
Boxing up and Indexing Services 98%
Collection and Delivery Throughout Tanzania 98%
Managed Destruction Dates 98%
Secure Facility

At DATAHOUSE Document Storage the security of your documents is critical. We’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure our secure document storage facilities are fully protected against theft, fire and flood and also make certain every member of our team is thoroughly security cleared.

Scan On Demand

As part of our document storage services, we offer a scan on demand service, which offers a Fast digital retrieval within two hours of your request. As the name suggests, we retrieve your documents from our secure facility, scan the documents on an “as and when required” basis and upload them direct to an account for you to peruse from your own desktop at your own leisure!

Collection Services

No matter what your business size or sector, or where you are based in the Tanzania, we have our own well maintained fleet of vehicles and trusted drivers who can securely collect archive boxes from any private or public sector organization. Want to track your files and business documents following collection? No problem, our vehicles use state of the art tracking technology